3 Ways to Be Grateful Even When it Seems Impossible


I took some time to reflect on all that’s been happening in one of my favorite places and I came to the conclusion that to find peace in your life, you must ALWAYS be practicing gratitude.

There has been so much hate to sift through lately. It makes me think…Is this who we’ve been all along and it’s just so apparent because there has been much under the microscope? But what if that’s the point. What if now is the time to turn inward and put the microscope on ourselves- to evaluate who we are as human beings, what we want for ourselves, the people we love, our children and our country.

No one knows what’s to come but it is clear that we need hope and love more than ever. We will rise by infusing love back into our lives. We will rise by lifting others.
I can’t help but have familiar feelings of anxiety, frustration and confusion like when I have to make a serious life decision.. Thoughts like “now what”, “what’s next”, “What am I supposed to do?,” “I feel so lost.” I believe that’s the point and think we as a country feel this right now.

We are lost and need to move towards love and gratitude right now, in this moment. We’ve been shown that blame and hate are ways to get through life instead of taking responsibility for our circumstances. Looking outside of ourselves to be rescued has become the norm. We’ve seen first hand what self-pity does. Are you going to continue down that road? I’m choosing to stand in love and take full responsibility. That’s how I’m moving forward.

sunset-hands-love-womanI’m choosing not to judge life right now. We are shown a new beginning, every day; A beginning to rise again, a beginning to find ourselves, and that starts with gratitude.

Here are three ways that you can be grateful right now:

1. Gratitude for everything that you already have:

qtq80-0ZHmUkStart small. Do you have a bed to sleep in, a shower to bathe in, clothes to wear, water to drink and food to eat? Consider yourself lucky. Do you have people in your life who tell you they love you and show that they do? Do you have a job that you can provide for yourself and your family? What about transportation to get you to the places you need to go or the places you want to go? Do you have a vacation planned, or can you relive the times you were able to experience some time away to relax and reboot? Do you have friends you can laugh and joke with? Consider yourself rich.

landscape-mountains-nature-clouds2. Gratitude for your environment: If you have a roof over your head, you have something to be grateful for. There’s something greater than us though that houses everything. It’s a constant reminder of how lucky we are to experience such beauty around us. Mother nature is our best teacher. It teaches us some very important lessons and for that I am grateful. It teaches us patience through the seasons. It teaches us about endings and new beginnings. It teaches us about beauty and how you don’t have to look far to see it. Take a look at the green grass, a sunset or sunrise, the patterns and colors of the leaves, vast bodies of water that are incomprehensible. At times it seems impossible and unimaginable but it’s all there teaching us and showing us the way. Where do you feel called in nature? Is it out in a forest, on a lake, sitting on the beach? It’s what surrounds us that brings us back to our roots. Be grateful that you have nature and beauty any time you’d like a pick me up. It’s your connection back to yourself.


3. Gratitude for self: We often forget this one. You have made it this far in  your life. There is not one challenge that you haven’t been able t navigate through. Your odds are pretty damn amazing. “So far you have survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.” Be grateful for your hunger for life, your strength through difficult times, your acceptance for yourself and all that you stand for. You are a powerful force. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments, your wins, big and small. If you got something out of a failed career, a failed relationship, a failed attempt at anything- YOU ARE STILL WINNING. When you are able to show yourself love and gratitude on a daily basis, life changes around you. The small things don’t go unnoticed. You are better because of it and so is the world around you. Show compassion in tough times and limit judgement towards yourself. You are doing your best and it shows. That’s something to honor in yourself. You are someone to be grateful for.

There IS ALWAYS SOMETHING to be grateful for. If you make this a part of your day to remember these three aspects, then the hate, blame and negativity will get drowned out. It will not survive because love and gratitude are much greater forces. You will always experience love and peace if you are first able to foster gratitude within yourself, in your relationships and in your home. Take that step with me.

What else can you be grateful for? Comment below!

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