Collect Moments and Celebrate Them

I don’t celebrate my wins often enough. I don’t think most of us do, but I needed to share this one. I was spinning my wheels for a while, tiptoeing around my power and purpose until one day it all clicked. It wasn’t revealed all at once like I would’ve liked and, wow, was it ever a patience practice, but it was all there all along. The truth is, I am here to help others step into their power, believe in themselves again, and show them how to do just that with a practical, aligned plan to help them express their passions to the world.

I had an idea to put together my own meetup group. One where we support each other, share ideas, hold space, and push each other personally and professionally. The first meeting was approaching quick, and the fear set in and settled fast. Thoughts like…Do I know enough? Who am I to do this? What if no one shows up?, all ran through my head.

What I did next to push through my fears was simple. I trusted myself. I surrendered into my inner knowing, that no matter who showed up I knew that I could help them.

Beyond my expectations, I had set out for a goal to hold space for eight people. I wanted this to be an intimate, tight-knit group. The first of many meetings to share knowledge, offer support, and create magic together. Well, eight people showed up, and it was unbelievable. There was so much love, honesty, vulnerability, breakthroughs, and fire that was fueled within each of us. I’m so grateful for this experience and cannot wait to do it again next month.

Let me ask you, do you celebrate your wins? I’m not talking about celebrating your goals. I want to know if you celebrate your small wins like showing up for the day, making a healthy meal, taking the time to breathe, crossing something off your to-do list? Can I let you in on a secret? I never did. I always looked so far ahead that I didn’t have the time or even considered celebrating my day to day wins. I wanted the big win, the end result. That led me to not being able to enjoy accomplishing my big goal. This is such a must! We get so caught up in overwhelm and our everyday responsibilities that we forget to acknowledge our wins. These small wins add up to your big accomplishments. I challenge you to start celebrating everything! Look at you waking up and brushing your teeth (that’s a win!). What if we talked to ourselves like that? Your choices and behaviors add up to the big picture, and it’s your responsibility to appreciate and celebrate yourself AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. What can you celebrate today? What have you accomplished recently that you forgot to acknowledge yourself for?

Start here:

1) Shift your focus: What you focus on grows. What if you treated every moment as a place you’ve never been? With every mundane task to be completed, what if you showed up with excitement and an attitude of curiosity? Then celebrated after you completed each one? “I got gas today!” High fives all around.

2) Foster gratitude and appreciation: I know you’ve heard of a gratitude journal before but what about if you started a celebration file? Start tracking every single one of your wins, no matter how small. Then reflect on these celebrations every day or as needed. You will start to see that life is truly in your favor.

3) Drop Judgement: You are wired for negativity. That’s what comes naturally. If you practice compassion and acceptance, it will lead you down the path of happiness and fulfillment. If you practice judgment and negativity, it will take you down a path of defeat and unhappiness. What good comes from judgment? It keeps you in a place of heaviness, overthinking and analyzing, and it’s not meant for you, your personal life, or your relationships.


Listen up! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re in a great place. Not every day is going to be easy and full of positivity and high energy. You need those hard times too and the tears. It’s as much a journey as it is a game and you don’t win games or seasons all at once, you win them point by point, and there are a ton of games to be played. You are meant to enjoy each one! Each one deserves a celebration.

If you’re looking to shine a light on the brighter side of life, join a passionate group of goal-getters and me to:

  • Get the clarity and confidence needed to get everything you want in life
  • Let go of what’s no longer serving you so you can make room for all the magic
  • Get the tools and support you need to thrive in your life

You can sign up right here:


Life is meant to be enjoyed moment to moment. What moments can you celebrate today?

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