Flow over Force

What I’m really saying is let go of control. Let go and let flow.

This has been the hardest obstacle of my life and one I struggle with daily.

How do you find that sweet spot of taking action and surrendering all at the same time?

Let go. It’s easy after that. It’s true it is, but if you haven’t practiced the art of letting go, well it’s simple all right, just not easy.

Change comes in all forms, and to step forward into change, it usually requires letting go.

Letting go starts by making a choice which is simple but not always easy.

Every day I make a choice to let go and begin again all at the same time. Sometimes it’s through visualization. Sometimes it’s through journaling. Yoga has also been a great friend in helping me surrender.

There is potentially so much that can get in the way. Emotions, habits, the amount of sleep, hormones, people, experiences, and situations.

Try these tips:

Let go and let your emotions flow. I deemed any emotion besides happiness and joy, negative. Well, that didn’t work out. It built up and grew like an emotional cancer that was fighting a hard fight internally and taking a serious toll on my well-being. Let it go and let it flow. I didn’t do this for a while. This means confronting your fear, sadness, anxiety, and frustrations head on. Learn to sit in the thick of it and feel it all. Watch my video here.

Stuck is a place where dead energy lives. Release it. Let it go and let it flow.

Let go of [high] expectations, especially the ones you hold yourself. “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” Expectations add pressure, heaviness, and resistance. Love who you are now. Love who you’re with for who they are right now. We are all works in progress and masterpieces all at the same time.

Let go of the past and thoughts about the future. All you have control over is right now so, where are you? Are you harping on memories of the past? Strolling within visions of the future? How can you be more present? Letting go and being here now are your ticket to a fulfilled life. There is a gift in dropping the weight and much to be discovered right now in this moment.

Let go of control because nothing is under control. How can you loosen that grip of yours and give yourself some credit exactly where you are? Think for a second of the ocean as the meaning of life. So much beauty, opportunity, and power all of which we have no control over. When we’re standing face to face with this massive force, we choose to dive head first into the water, waiting for a wave, hoping it gives us the ride we’ve been looking for. Sometimes you get it, and it’s exhilarating and awesome, and you can’t wait for the next one.

Then other times you get taken under, or it crashes right over you, against you, and through you, knocking the wind right out of you; making it real hard to get back up again… BUT YOU DO. Just think about it, a different wave every time, a different feeling every time. None of which you have control over. You don’t care because you know what it felt like during those good waves, those epic rides that stick out that you’ll never forget.

We don’t even question those rides. We are completely engulfed and present with little or no worry naturally enjoying the ride. Why do we make it harder for ourselves? Why do we worry so much about the things we can’t control?

Why not instead think of those exciting, sometimes heart-stopping, scary as hell waves as our lives because isn’t life exciting, heart-stopping scary as hell – but worth every second?

I may have lost the ones who have chosen to not even go in the water, but not me. Someone once told me that if something is too much of a struggle, there’s a reason. We should let go of what’s not working and hold onto what is. Let it all unfold, LET it, meaning you really don’t have to do much. It’s a crazy ride, but if you choose to hold on light over tight, you’ll always end up exactly where you are meant to be

I’m curious, how do you let go? How do you cut off persistent thoughts that don’t serve you? How do you tame your monkey mind and shut off? What rituals do you have in place to take control of memories of the past or thoughts about the future? How do YOU let go and surrender into the present moment?

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