The Business Evolution Program

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There are two types of people in this world – those who play it safe and those who take risks. By starting your own business, you’ve already proved you are someone who’s willing to take a chance on yourself, make a difference in your own future, and create a better life for you and the people in your life.

Of course, nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

There’s just so much to do, so many things to handle, that it can sometimes feel seriously overwhelming. What you need at times like these is someone who can help you through it, guide you and show you, from their own experience, what works, what doesn’t and how much amazing potential there is for your business to grow and expand. That’s where I step in.

Clarity and your purpose are within reach. Now it’s time to express yourself!

Option 1: Creative Roadblock Breakthrough Package

Get one 60-minute session and one Clear Clarity-driven Plan to help you break through to your purpose-driven business.

Struggling in any of the below?

  • Social Media consulting
  • Photo and video consulting 
  • Event and workshop planning
  • Copy for newsletters, opt-ins, and blogs, etc

Let’s get to the bottom of where you’re at…

Learn tips and tricks and leave with an inspired plan guaranteed!

Do you desire to?:

  • Get unstuck, live and work in freedom
  • Formulate a plan with three solid moving forward strategies
  • Sort through ideas and create a plan, co-create together for a killer offer; anything from a program, to a challenge to an opt-in or workshop

Get this package for the low price of just $199!

*Copy and design available as an add-on

Option 2: The Brand Identity + Visibility Package

This package focuses on creating and marketing your awesome and unique brand.

Do you desire to?:

  • Crack the code on this whole marketing ‘thing’ and take an unconventional approach to get your brand seen
  • Explore your story and discover how to leverage your truth to connect with potential clients
  • Get more exposure so you can impact the world in an even bigger way
  • Share your brand using an authentic approach that will attract the clients you’re meant to help

Get three 60-minute strategy sessions, during which we will cover:

  • A needs analysis for your business – We will explore your story, go over your business in-depth and formulate an action plan.
  • Your brand identity kit revealing your mission and the vibe of your brand – Learn to choose what’s really going to work for you and hone in on your truth.
  • Marketing and content management planning – Put your marketing into action and tie everything together to create amazing content that will draw clients in.

You’ll also get your Brand Identity and Reveal Guide.

Upgrade this package to include the Your Success Story package and get incredible video content to boost your business marketing.

Get this package for just $399.

*Option to upgrade to any or all components of the “Your Story is Your Superpower” package

Option 3: Your Story is Your Superpower [Video + Content Consulting Package]

You’re a lady on a mission, and it needs to be revealed to the world. Get yourself out there in the most authentic, cost-effective way. Nowadays, video is king. It’s time to put yourself out there, find your tribe and change some lives!

Do you desire to?:

  • Reveal your story to the world in a heartfelt way
  • Get noticed for your passion and your gifts
  • Connect in a more personal way with your potential clients
  • Market your business in way that feels good to your soul and helps you authentically reveal your truth

Get support putting the pieces together and crafting your most of compelling story:

  • A one-hour in-depth consulting call to craft your story
  • Suggested script and flow
  • Directions and equipment used
  • Film intro/outro and interview
  • Interview day with written questionnaire and answers
  • Five hours of post production
  • One hour of back and forth communication
  • Brand Visibility Guide: How to use all of these goodies, reveal your brand, and gain more exposure

Check out all the details right here!

 OR Schedule your complimentary call to see which package best fits your needs!

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Your Story Your Superpower
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