Goal Setting 101

Whether you’re off to a foggy start to 2017, I’m here to tell you that it is OK. There is no need to force your life or set a goal that doesn’t get you excited.

Goal setting is a practice and you don’t just do it at the beginning of a new year. If you want to achieve greatness, you need to set your goals every day and remind yourself WHY you’re doing this. Excuses will come up and if you don’t have your why at your fingertips, it’s likely that those excuses will get in the way.  Here are some of the best tips I have for goal setting.

  1. Decide on what’s important to you. What values and beliefs do you hold to be true for yourself? This the foundation of what guides your life and why you make the decision you do.
  2. Create your why. Ask yourself why these values and beliefs are important to you. Include the five sense and emotions in your descriptions. Why are these values and beliefs important to you? How do they show up on a daily basis? How do they make you feel?
  3. Align your clear, specific goal with your beliefs and values. Evaluate each area of your life and set a goal for each one.
  4. Meet yourself where you’re at. Create a manageable, achievable date. Which area of your life do you feel most called to working on? Start there. Make sure you have a realistic time-line in place taking into consideration where you’re at.
  5. Break your goal down into small action steps. It is likely that there are action steps and habits that need to be established before achieving this goal. What are they?
  6. Plan your first step: Write down and tell someone your goal and first action step you will take towards this goal. This will help hold yourself accountable.
  7. Celebrate along the way. We often forget this step because we’re making judgments on our journey or looking too far ahead. Stop and celebrate yourself every day. Every small win counts and adds up.
  8. Accountability. Share your dreams, vision and goals with friends and family. Ask about their biggest desires. How can you hold each other accountable? Hire a mentor or coach to help inspire and motivate you along the way.
  9. Extra tip! Be curious. It’s ok to not have a super clear vision of what you want. The only way to get clarity is to be curious. Think about your strengths and weaknesses. Which areas can you improve upon? What do you love to do? What activities do you want to explore? How can you test your limits? Make a list of all things that interest you. Pick 1-3 that you will explore. Notice what comes up when you participate. How does it make you feel? You want to make note of excitement, joy, inspiration, motivation. It always comes back to the feeling.

With an aligned plan and intentional action anything is possible. In fact, it’s easy. It only gets hard when you have “stuff” you’re still hanging on to that doesn’t serve your higher self.

I have an On Demand Vision Boarding with Intention Course coming your way that goes into this plus so much more. In the meantime, if you need more support with goal setting, getting clear and feeling inspired again, let’s hop on a quick call and get you out of that rut!

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