What is a Huddle?

an action of a team gathering together, usually in a tight circle, to strategize, motivate or celebrate.​

“Every hustle needs a huddle” – Lisa Laura

The huddles are a monthly meetup group for holistic entrepreneurs and health coaches that encourages intimate discussions, expressing and exploring ideas, and involves having FUN while getting WORK DONE.

For coaches who want to grow more than just their income, this experience will empower and motivate you to build a holistic, soul-driven business that makes a genuine difference in the lives you work with.

For the Holistic Entrepreneur Who’s Feeling Stuck

When you started your business or began coaching others, you had a plan, you were bursting with ideas, and you were ready to take on the world.   

Fast forward a few months, or even years…

Now you’re feeling stuck, you’re not sure what direction to take to grow your business or get your spark back without compromising your vision.  You’re feeling unsupported and left to make every decision on your own. You find your confidence wavering, and you are questioning and second-guessing yourself at every turn.  You want to make an impact in the world, but you haven’t been able to cross off your to-do list, or even keep your fired-up momentum going.

It’s time to get your spark back.

business owner

To get unstuck and build a business that harnesses your vision, you need an actionable plan. You need a clear strategy that works. You need to rebuild your confidence and rediscover your motivation.


You need support
Your Community

When you’re facing struggles on your own, they can seem impossible to overcome.  But, when support surrounds you, and you’re in an environment where you feel empowered and accountable to move forward, it’s entirely possible!

Your community of support is waiting for you…

With my team-driven huddles, you’ll not only have access to the tools and resources you need to build winning strategies in business, you’ll join other smart, successful entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you!  These are conscious entrepreneurs who are in the health coaching and holistic industry who want a thriving, prosperous practice that also has meaning and purpose. Together, we can grow through support, empowerment, confidence, and enlightenment!

You’re seeking a growth experience unlike any other.
  • Individual-based growth (none of that "You NEED to do this or that to win!") If a one-size-fits-all diet will never work, we know a OSFA business plan won’t work either!
  • Support from an experienced leader and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Feeling of community with feel-good ideas, positive feedback, and empowering discussions
  • Instruction from successful coaches who understand the struggles and obstacles
  • Accountability to follow through with ideas and strategies that will grow your business
  • Have fun and build relationships in intimate, live, small group settings

You ABSOLUTELY CAN take ownership of your business and get on the path to soul-driven success.

All you need is a business bestie (or a few) to get accountability that makes a difference in your level of impact.

This creative huddle is your empowering time-out. It’s your superpower hour where holistic entrepreneurs and coaches can come together and rise into their own version of success, both professionally AND personally.

So, how is this happening?

Lisa LauraLisa Laura, who is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, who has overcome the obstacles, beaten the odds, and created a thriving business.

I’m Lisa! I’m always raring to go and excited to lift up everyone around me, which is why my coaching business is named Logically Lifted. I’m in a loving relationship with my best friend, and I’m the proud mommy to our puppy, ‘Jake from State Farm.’ All in all,

“I’m just your average girl who is secretly chasing her own super powers.” – Wonder Woman at heart

I’m going to show you how to rise in your business using these elements:

  • Raise awareness around your strengths so you can build your business in a way that feels natural and sustainable to improve your ability to succeed.
  • Get the resources and information you need for marketing, strategizing, and developing your ideas and plans for success.
  • Enjoy peer and mentor support that will lift you up, empower you, celebrate with you, and hold you accountable for your success.
  • Experience positive accountability and harness your holistic business ownership.
  • Have fun and build relationships as you discuss ideas, give and receive feedback, and have deep conversations about goals, plans, and visions for your business and your life.

This is ​The Accountability You Need to Make Waves in Your Business.

As a creative marketing strategist and personal coach for holistic entrepreneurs, I offer a magic mix of intuitive and strategic support to boost your business, confidence and income in a fun & empowering way.

My virtual huddles are a place of safety to be fully seen and authentically you, to be curious, open and intentional about the life you are choosing to live. It is meant for you to feel supported as you unleash your greatness.

The mission of these huddles are to infuse life into your purpose, and in return, infuse purpose into your life. Your ideas, your mission, and your story all matter. You matter.

I am here are here to support you toward embracing your capacity to wonder, be curious, and be brave. We will lean into truth as we lean on each other.

This is a a creative marketing, intimate mastermind group centered around the growth of you and your business.

We’ll meet once per month virtually or in person, if you’re local in an intimate group of  8 people, so everyone has an opportunity to share, be heard, gain new perspective and solutions. Each huddle will provide you with clarity around your next steps, support from your fellow heart-driven friends, and in between mastermind support month-month through e-mail and a personalized group.

If you’re a playful and curious visionary looking for some fresh, fun support, I’d love speak with you!


  • Uncover and share your story to create success in your life and business. It's all about knowing yourself and growing yourself!
  • Gain practical advice and new perspective about business and life so you can flow through life empowered and confident
  • Have a unique comradeship supporting you as you navigate the trials and celebrations of your entrepreneurial journey
  • Finally create a feel-good discipline that keeps you focused and productive
  • Have a space to talk openly and honestly about your feelings so that you can feel heard, validated and strengthen your voice to make an impact
  • Connect the dots and gain wisdom from your own story, including your thoughts, habits, emotions and behaviors- those that continue to serve you and those that no longer do​
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Huddle Mastermind Schedule

June Theme: Clarify Your Message


  • June 21st 8am
  • June 26th 8pm

In Person

  • June 26th 10 am

Future Themes:

  • July: Spice Up Your Signature Offering
  • August: Feel-good sales

Each month comes with:

  • One 60-90-minute live support huddle through Zoom
  • Participate virtually or in person (for Old Wethersfield, CT residents)
  • Each huddle gathering will have 4-8 participants to allow dedicated attention for everyone
  • Co-working Power Hours to help you feel supported and get stuff done with your peers (Heads up! We may just do a little virtual dancing during breaks!)


  • Weekly Voxer accountability support (if you choose the upgrade) so you can voice-to-voice chat, ask questions, and gain insight into your obstacles and roadblocks
  • Insightful and empowering emails to keep you pumped up and on track
  • Private group community access for fun conversation and the opportunity to meet like-minded holistic entrepreneurs in various phases of their journey
  • Monthly support rituals to create your dreams and release what you no longer need
  • Suggested books, documentaries and materials for motivation and inspiration

My Huddles were founded on the principles of support, companionship & finding your tribe.

It means that we play this game together and stand by each other  no matter if we win or lose each day.

It means we are equals.

It means we cheer for each other.

It means we hold space and act as support for each other.

It means I am not better, smarter, prettier, happier or more successful than you.

It means that I succeed if you succeed and if you rise, I rise.
We’re in this together and mostly to enjoy the ride. ​​

Your voice strengthens every time you speak.

​When you share more of yourself, someone gets the courage to share too. Together, we make a difference.

This is an opportunity for you to find and exercise your own superpowers but it’s also an opportunity to help others find their superpowers as well. You have a role in this. We all do. Fall in love with the process of becoming great. Devote yourself to freedom, success, and happiness today and join the movement.

What would it mean to you to have the marketing support to know what to do next, the daily motivation, inspiring group perspective, the productivity and focus, the accountability and the FUN along the way?

Now it’s all in one place, at an extremely affordable rate.

​Come see the results for yourself!

  • No more wasted classes and seminars that tell you what you “NEED” to do and NEVER hold you to it.

  • No more feeling overloaded with information that doesn’t meet your needs.

  • No more feeling isolated as you try to learn on your own.​

Lisa, THIS SOUNDS awesome, but I’m just not sure about the mastermind…  

​I’ve tried masterminds in the past, and they didn’t help, so how would an ongoing membership benefit me?”

I totally get it!  Here’s the thing, though. Unlike classes and courses that promise a business transformation in just a few weeks, then throw a bunch of information at you and send you on your way, the Accountability Membership Huddle dives deeper:

  • No more going it alone with a self-study, not sure if you’re making mistakes or doing it right. Get your questions answered, enjoy follow-up, and go in-depth on different topics each month to achieve expert-level understanding!
  • Get the accountability you need to make progress! Right now, you're feeling stuck, you're not sure how to move forward, and when you make a decision, you're second-guessing yourself. All this means is your career is at a standstill. With both mentor and community accountability, you won't be hiding behind excuses or second guesses. You can move forward with a winning strategy.
  • Get both mentor AND peer support! Yes, I want to teach you all of our secrets and methods to building a business, but isn’t having peer support amazing, too? Learn not just from us, but also people who are on the journey with you, who can say to you when you’re struggling, “I’m literally going through the same thing - let’s brainstorm together!”
  • Learn how to use your intuition and discover strengths so you can take what you’re learning and put your unique stamp on it to create a business that reflects YOU.
  • Celebrate the victories. Because this is a long-term experience, as we all rise, we rise together. This means we're going to lean into challenges together, go through implementing strategies and plans together, and best of all, when one of us gets a win, we ALL get to celebrate and get inspired.
  • Learn how to meet personal goals while you are growing your business. I know that your business is a part of you - holistic coaching and health-based businesses are a labor of love, and they require a LOT of your heart, mind, and soul to thrive. However, you have personal goals outside of work, and I want to help you find the balance between career and life!

This Huddle Mastermind is for you if…

  • You’re feeling stuck and not sure how to grow your business
  • Your confidence is non-existent, and you find yourself unsure of what you should do next
  • You’re fearful about what the future of your career holds
  • You need accountability to take action and follow through on planning and strategy
  • You want a supportive group of like-minded people who lift you up, give you honest feedback, and are there for you
  • You’re seeking education and knowledge about the biggest topics facing holistic health coaches and health-based businesses
  • You’re ready to work hard and be a part of an amazing group of entrepreneurs
  • You want to have fun while you’re growing and experience enjoyable conversations, excitement, and play instead of pressure and stress
  • You are ready to create a business that is more than just about income, it’s about helping, healing, and soul-driven purpose

Join the Huddles today! I’ve got your back!

If you don’t join us, think forward to one year from now…

  • Is where you are right now where you want to be?
  • Are you ready to spend the next year struggling with the same struggles, feeling stuck, and not making progress?
  • Will your business be open in a year? At what cost to your personal life and your own health?
  • Do you want to continue feeling alone on your journey of building a successful career?

Why feel like that and keep struggling with the same problems, the same lack of a plan, and the same inability to move forward, when you can…

  • Feel confident in your abilities as an entrepreneur
  • Develop a solid plan and strategy to grow your business
  • Discover your strengths as an entrepreneur and open up your intuition to create strategies that feel “right” for your business
  • Experience mentorship from leading holistic health coaches and peer support from like-minded coaches  
  • Find happiness and peace in your business as it grows and thrives
  • Turn your vision and mission into a solid success!

My Huddles were founded on the principles of support, companionship & finding your tribe.

You’ve got a cheering section waiting for you to join us!  

What are you waiting for?

I want you to feel good so that you can do good. After all, a good life is a practice, not a place. Let’s create your success story one huddle at time.

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