One Thing You Must Do Before Ringing in the New Year

Where do you think you’re going?

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You can choose to have a repeat year or a record year. The choice is yours.

I was caught up in a lot of negativity, limiting beliefs and stress for a while. Scary, but it actually felt normal for me. It wasn’t until the emotional build-up became so heavy that I realized there was a better way.

“The way” is back to yourself. Your happiness, success and peace of mind depend on YOU. It’s not in what you think, it’s in how you feel and it starts by knowing and honoring yourself.

Reflection is your ticket back to the self you’ve lost. It comes with time. It’s a practice but once mastered, it gets easier and easier to wander back to your true path.

Why is self-reflection so important?

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Understanding: Reflecting on your life circumstances and outcomes help you understand yourself better. You can’t change what you aren’t aware of. Giving yourself time to reflect whether it’s on a challenge or to check in, offers space for understanding and the RIGHT answers to flow in. Understanding yourself and your circumstances, without judgment, enhances your relationships and strengthens your connection within, which leads to a more fulfilled life.

Clarity: Reflection helps so much with clarity. By being able to understand your circumstances, you are able to judge what feels right and what no longer does. This will help you make better choices towards the life you want instead of the life you’re used to. When you start to ask yourself the right questions and sit with what comes up, life starts to make more sense. It’s usually clear [NOT ALWAYS EASY] to understand which choice is best or which direction you should take when you make time to reflect.

Focus: When you are aware of “your stuff,” often the problem is being the change you seek. This happens because you have been so used to one way of being. In other words you are stuck in your comfort. It all boils down to choice. You have the power to choose differently in any moment. You can choose a different thought, belief, or action. When you know what’s working or what no longer is, reflection helps by offering a refreshing focus point. By realizing what you don’t want for yourself, you can quickly re-focus on all that you do want. It’s about perspective and that power lies in your hands.

Fosters strength and confidence: Reflection takes bravery. You are choosing to confront it all and that means the tough stuff like your emotions, challenges, flaws, mistakes, and failures. It’s easy to avoid and take on poor habits but that’s not a path of growth. Growth is proportionate to reflection. When you are aware of why you see, think, believe and act the way you do, you have no choice but to confront it. As you confront what is challenging you, it is automatically transforming you. Self-reflection builds strength and confidence. You are better because of it. Acceptance on this journey is a must.

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Self-reflection is an important tool. It helps you discover who you are in each moment. It can change your life. It changed mine.

See how important self-reflection is? If you’re ready to get started on this journey, I’m offering a free 12-page reflection guide and you can scoop yours up down below this post. This guide will help you get clear and confident before heading into an epic 2017! Are you ready to take the action steps necessary this year to build the life you’ve always imagined?





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