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Lisa helped me create a massive energy shift both personally and professionally – and she did it in just one session! I’m the type of person who suffers from the need to please, occasionally putting my needs on the back burner, and hustling through my to-do list without ever asking myself… but – how do I feel? After working with Lisa, I realized it was time to focus on what truly felt good, not just in my business, but in my life as well. Now I make taking care of myself a huge priority, and I’ve fully accepted that it’s actually healthy to say “no” when needed. In one hour, Lisa helped me create a little bit of magic within my work routine.

Michelle Ellis, Copywriter & Organic Marketing Strategist,

If I could do backflips I would about how I feel after working with Lisa! She was very patient in working with me to get my brand messaging narrowed down to where it flows well with my brand and the transformation that I want my audience to experience when they encounter my brand online.  I really enjoyed this experience and am soooo fortunate to work with her on this project. Thanks a milli Lisa!

– Kim George, Founder, YourChicGeek

“I am so glad I found Lisa when I was looking for clarity and direction in my business. I had been fitness coaching for 3 years, but I was stuck. My business was no longer moving forward and I felt stagnant. Lisa helped me see what strengths and superpowers I already possessed that I could use to help my clients now. She rocked my world on mindset and helped me develop a routine along with a clear vision. I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t hired her. She has helped me find success in myself and find joy where I am on my journey.”

– Niki Ferguson

Lisa Laura is amazing at helping you create your brand, message and content – she is my go to girl when looking for a push in the right direction and my saving grace when I can’t find the right words.  She  can help you go from being best kept secret to “where has she been hiding?!”

-Lisa Dove

“Lisa is a kind and self-motivated individual who truly believes in helping others achieve a more successful and healthy lifestyle. Her advice and personalized support helped keep me on track and encouraged me to strive for improvement. I felt refreshed and clear minded after putting Lisas’s recommendations into practice.”

– Taylor Schaefer

“Lisa Laura has a knack for clarifying one’s personal and business goals underneath the layers of doubt that cloud them. I’ve come to Lisa at several points seeking advice when making large life decisions, working through emotional issues, or clarifying my direction in life. Each time she patiently worked with me to discern the core of what I truly desire and outlined practical steps to make it happen. I’ve tremendously benefitted from her unique combination of marketing skills and gifts in personal development and empowerment. Thanks, Lisa.”

– Teresa Miroslaw

“Because of Lisa’s outgoing and enlightening personality, I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a change or is struggling to find positivity in their life.”

– Jaclyn Tortorici

“A very positive, outgoing leader that loves people and to help people find their purpose.”

– Ewell Vernon

“My vision experience has been great. I learned some stuff about myself that I didn’t know before. The first two weeks were really powerful!”

– Kristi Willems

“Lisa’s program helped get me really thinking about what my dreams and visions were and getting it onto paper and out of my head. “

Sheri Engstrom-Rickard

“Really enjoyed the vision board workshop Lisa conducted!  I liked the process she follows to prepare and inspire you before you create it. Had good suggestions to get me started and lots of content to chose from once I was on a roll! I would take the workshop again or recommend her to others.”

– Vanessa Coan

“I would describe Lisa as a truly wonderful person that is so easy to talk to and so helpful in every way that she can be. She is a terrific outlet and source of information for help with health and anxiety issues.”

– Olivia Mele

“I’ve recently stared with Lisa’s Vision Board program and WOW! The program is structured to help you get crystal clear on what you truly want in this life and she guides and supports you the whole way!! She’s no joke with her support – you can text, email or call her anytime and she’s always there with words of encouragement or suggestions on whatever you need at that moment!”

– Krysta Aulito

“I honestly believe that this program will give you amazing results if you are ready and willing to make the change; you will get so much more than expected out of it if you are willing to put the effort and work into it. Serious goals, serious results. Lisa is an excellent motivator with a sincere desire to help one conquer their personal goals. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who desires even the smallest change in their life or anyone with a specific goal in mind who is having a difficult time finding the motivation to succeed.”

– Gina Cook

“Lisa’s ongoing support helped guide me on the right path towards achieving my own health and happiness goals.”

– Judy Fanjek

“Lisa is relatable, authentic and soulfully savvy! To me, those qualities are the ideal combination when working with a health coach as she provides nutritional guidance along with mindfulness tools and other healing modalities for your mind, body and spirit. Love her approach, perspective and realism.”

– Christine Haz

Join my free business book club
Have some fun leaning into your big vision.