Your Story is Your Superpower

Something magical happens when you speak your truth and pour your heart out. Expressing your feelings and displaying raw emotion is what connects us to each other.

I didn’t embrace my story for a while. In fact, I didn’t even know my story and the impact it was having on my life until I decided to dive into it. I had an opportunity to co-author in The Silver Linings Storybook Series and it changed my life. My mission was sitting right in front of me all along. Clear as day- I help others discover, share, and express their unique identity to the world.

It is in our stories- the tiny fragments of life, a string of synchronistic moments that create a powerful opportunity for inspiration and impact.  

It is our only journey to know ourselves and use our superpowers as a collective, powerful force.

My story is about awakening through fear.

Throughout most of my adult life, I thought I was living life on my terms. I was dealing with life’s challenges the best way I knew how. What I didn’t realize then, is that I was doing more harm to myself than good. Coming from a place of love instead of fear has changed my life so much that I could never go back to the way I was. It has changed my world and it has changed me. I am now the best version of me.

I suppressed my emotions because I didn’t know how to address them constructively. My parent’s divorce, loss of friends and loved ones, and isolation have been strong influences in my life and have impacted my emotional behavior and emotional responses. I used to cover up and avoid my feelings with partying, vacations, a new job, or the “next best thing”. I also used my relationships as an escape, to not deal with what I needed to confront. Then one day I realized that if it was to be better – it was up to me. I was the only person who could change my life.

I was miserable and unhappy yes – but my life was familiar and looked great from the outside – so I suffered in silence. I was trapped in an uncomfortable comfort zone. Change demands acceptance – and it is not easy. It requires courage to face your fears and choose an unfamiliar path. I chose to be brave and I have become my own inspiration.

I’ve learned that life isn’t so black and white and that it’s more about living comfortably in the discomfort, which is the gray area. I did find however, that life became much clearer when I decided to make room for growth and drop anything that was keeping me stuck.

This was after I decided to go AWOL for a while, completely unconscious and unaware. I was consumed by anxiety, anger and a lack of clarity. I was overwhelmed by sadness. I then discovered that these were all deeply rooted in fear.

I have always considered myself to be a “glass half full” kind of person. But now I needed to take control of my life. I was the one with the power to make a change. I needed to heal myself from the inside out. I needed to not only change my behavior but also my mental attitude. I started to realize what it meant to be a human-being instead of a human-doing.

There is no timeline for growth. Having compassion for myself during vulnerable times helped me navigate the bumpy roads of change. I have noticed that I suffer most where I want the most change while failing to give myself credit for where I am today compared to where I was yesterday, a month ago or even a year ago. I now meet myself exactly where I’m at and embrace the ride. I patiently and (sometimes) uncomfortably await the adventures that I’m not yet ready for but are destined to experience.

I have learned to trust the process of personal change and growth. And I have learned to trust myself. I believe that I am always exactly where I am meant to be at any given moment in time. Everything that has happened to me up until this point has provided me with the knowledge and strength to enable me to make choices and decisions that will serve me well. This is true whether I need to let go, move on or sit with a feeling for a while. I listen to what I feel and I trust it.

There is a constant battle between light and dark within me. I have been told I am a restless spirit. I am a seeker and I love to be stretched and to continually grow. It’s true that I found comfort in fear and negativity. It is familiar. All my life, I vowed to be wildly uncomfortable in this fear and negativity until I decided not to be. We all have this choice. I decided to get in the ring with my fears, my negative thoughts, and my conditioned beliefs and come out a winner. I refused to let the past write my future.

I accept that my experiences are part of who I am – but I do not let them define me. I let them empower me. They are my superpowers and your experiences are your superpowers too.

There are many layers in life. Spiritual and emotional growth demands that we peel away the layers and examine each one. As we confront our fears and deal with our pain we see that we grieve for that which has given us great joy. Pain and pleasure are inextricably intertwined.

My biggest lesson learned is that in order to get out, I must go in. I must heal myself from the inside out. I had to face my fears, and, well, there were a lot of fears. We aren’t given anything in life that we can’t handle. I believe we suffer most where we crave change the most. Sometimes, there’s a bit more work to be done before we’re ready to fly. I wasn’t ready for a while, much longer than I was comfortable with. But my life changed when I heard the universe whisper, “She’s ready.”

This is my story. Knowing it has provided me clarity, healing, confidence, strength and success.

My story helped me connect the dots to gain the clarity I needed to discover my purpose and reveal my strengths. Now it’s my time to pay it forward.

Diving into my story….

  • Showed me my challenges, my lowest points and reinforced my strength that I often lose sight of. How grateful I am to be able to pay this forward now knowing the ways to successfully navigate hardships.
  • Helped me shift my perspective on how I view myself and the world around me because it revealed limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer served me. It helped me re-route to a more aligned path.
  • Revealed the key players in my life and brought me to the leaders and mentors that inspire, motivate, empower and support me.
  • Highlighted my strengths, something I often overlook and discredit. Our uniqueness and strengths come easy to us and THAT is why they are easily overlooked.
  • Opened me up to vulnerability and moved me closer to my purpose and mission in life.

Diving into my story left me with two things- the clearest picture and a choice.

You get to decide whether your story will empower you or keep you stuck. You have this opportunity every single day.

What it did most importantly was it held the space for me to step into my power. It is my greatest gift and guide to ultimate fulfillment personally and professionally.

I laid my whole self out there. It got messy. It was uncomfortable. Vulnerability isn’t my strongest suit but it’s the road less traveled that I’m choosing to ride on. My story led me to acceptance and empowerment. For that, I embrace patience and excitement for the perfectly imperfect new story I am creating.

Now I open my arms to the rising and existing creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, motivators and leaders. I have combined my 10 years of marketing experience with my expertise as an empowerment coach to help you discover, share and express your purpose to the world for ultimate fulfillment and success. The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to start something that will.

Here’s what I believe:

Know Thyself: Gain clarity and strength in finding, knowing and expressing yourself

Live Fulfilled and Happy: Connect the dots and gain wisdom from your own story, including your thoughts, habits, emotions and behaviors- those that continue to serve you and those that no longer do

Pay it Forward: Make an impact in your future and the lives of many others by sharing your mission and your story

I was just about ready to give up completely when I was at my rock bottom. I had a realization that changed my life – my legacy was in my hands, nobody else’s. I had to choose every single day to live the life that I wanted and then do it, wholeheartedly and in harmony with myself. I had to decide to face the fear that kept me stuck for a very long time, and then let it go. It took an incredible amount of soul searching and hard work.

Realizing that you grow in direct proportion to how you feel about yourself and the world around you, made the choice clear. 

Your greatest strength in life is to know and honor yourself, who you truly are at your core. Understanding yourself and the wisdom you hold is a force and massive advantage not many hold. We choose to see what we want out of fear and comfort. We choose to make ourselves small, and there’s just no time for that. Especially not for someone like you.You can become the master creator of your life. It starts by mastering yourself and discovering your superpowers.

Success in its purest form is peeling away everything that isn’t truly you and embracing your unique identity. Are you ready to discover and express your superpowers?

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